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Mr Mod PS

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Modernism Week Wrap Up Part 3: Vintage Trailer Show!

The Modernism Week Vintage Trailer Show had an incredible turnout this year!

The Event had 34 trailers in addition to my home, The Silver Suitcase™ which I relocated  to the Hilton Hotel Parking lot for the event.

If you've ever been, you know Vintage Trailer People are really fun! If you ever run into someone that owns one of these, I guarantee a good time. These are the happiest people I know.

There's just something about owning a home on wheels that demands joy!

Enjoy the pics!

Thank you to Cliff Uyeda for the wonderful pictures!
The Entry Way to all things Vintage Trailer!
Scooter + Trailers? Don't mind if I do!

Glam Traveling, Trailer Style!
Yellow: The PERFECT Palm Springs Color!
Two Tones!
(See? Yellow, again!) 
Look a little closer...
The Dog Trailer! HA!

Al Fresco dining, anyone? 
Love the area rug!
Dreamy, right?

If you missed the show this year, do try and make it in 2015. NBC Channel 4 in LA said it's worth the trip!

Otherwise, you can see more pics on the Palm Springs Modernism Week Vintage Trailer FB Page or on my other blog about living in my airstream!

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