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Mr Mod PS

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Home The Silver Suitcase (+me!) in The New York Times!

I just returned from a most enjoyable holiday in the lovely, beautiful British Columbia - which I will post about.
Have you been?
If not, I can't recommend it enough. Between the beautiful landscaping Mother Nature has done, and the architectural gems found along the way (as well as some really wonderful cultural surprises) and of course the lovely, lovely gracious people!)

Returning to Palm Springs rested and happy, I came home to the most delightful Welcome Home gift, ever.

Me and my home, The Silver Suitcase made it to the big time! 

Nancy Baron, photographer + Documentarian extraordinaire featured us in her new book titled: "Palm Springs: The Good Life"

If that wasn't enough love, this past weekend she penned a piece for the New York Times about her beloved part-time residence and her new book.

Lo and behold this was one of the photos featured:
photo courtesy of Nancy Baron/New York Times

I love that this was simply titled:

Welcome Home, indeed!