Mr Mod PS

Mr Mod PS

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Paul Kaplan Group: We're Not Just Agents.

Even though the season is slowly winding down. things have been busy as if it were January it seems.

 When not showing houses, or stuffing our faces with cherry pie at staff meetings, we at The Paul Kaplan Group like to do a little side gig called:


We modeled in the Deja Vu Vintage Shop Tiki Fashion Show at The Purple Room 

Agent extraordinaire Chris AKA Modern Bear strutting his stuff. 

Apres Fashion Show Backstage
Me and Chris.
We are all available for print, catalogue, bathing suits, and catwalks. All rates negotiable. 

Coachella 2015 + Trailer Parks!

Yes, you read that right. Tickets went on sale a little over a week ago for Coachella 2015. Yup, almost one year away.
If you didn't get your tickets to Coachella 2015, well, I'm sorry. There will be tickets available on one of those ticket sites, I'm sure.

I've  told you repeatedly if you've never gone, you really must make a point to go. If you've ever met me, then you know I bang on about this all the time.

By the way, look what I came across:

Before the Polo Fields, Before Coachella - there was a TRAILER PARK!!!!

If you know anything about me, then you know I love a vintage trailer - so much so that I purchased a 1980's airstream, gutted it, renovated it, and moved into it full time. 
The love didn't stop there, and I have BIG plans for vintage trailers-- right now I am renovating three vintage trailers - you can read about the progress HERE 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cherry Pie, Earth WInd & Fire, John Lautner: And How Was Your Week?

Usually around this time of year, things start slowing down: the snow birds start packing up and heading back east (or to Canada); the frenzy of the weekends come to a manageable pace.

Not this year though; this week has been busy, busy, busy -- it seemed that people had forgotten to buy their houses before the season ended, and the week was spent running around quickly negotiating deals, handling inspections, and signing closing papers.

Much needed Pie Buffet at the 10:00am Paul Kaplan weekly staff meeting
Pie really makes any meeting all the better. I can't recommend it enough. 

Pie is the nectar of the Gods. 

 Later in the week, a few of us from the office headed out to Desert Hot Springs
for a work/play outing 

HUGE thanks for the invite by Interior Designer Tracy Breckmann and Art Bar Curator/Artist Danny Heller for a looksy and some cocktails.  

Making our way to Desert Hot Springs
The buildings were designed by the iconic Architect John Lautner in 1947
I encourage you to read the rich history on this historical hotel HERE
 Over the years, it changed hands, and in 2008, was saved and brought back to its much deserved glory by Interior Designer Tracy Breckmann and 
furniture designer Ryan Trowbridge. 
They spent 3 1/2 years meticulously restoring the property. 

Thanks to our hosts Tracy and Danny for a great time!!
This is a "must stay at" on the Desert List!

Friday Night was a #TBF when some friends and I went out to Indio to see 
Here are their  TOUR DATES.
If you do not have fun, you might want to see a therapist -- because that means there's something very wrong with you. 

The friends that I saw Earth, Wind, & Fire with own a clothing line called
 Ruffskin which have shops in the U.S. and one in Amsterdam. 

Last year, they shot one of their campaigns on my newly purchased wagon. Honestly, I had forgotten all about it until Friday night when they showed me the souvenir postcards that are placed in their shops for customers to take home.
Note: the Washington Plates are still on.
Who knew a wagon could be sexy like this?! 

And to finish this crazy week, last night was dinner at my favorite 
Old School Palm Springs Restaurant: Lyons English Grille 

Here's Victor of Lyons Grille singing on the the last night of the season. 
Note Buckingham Palace Guard and Princess Diana in the background...

Bye Victor, have a great summer! 
I'm already looking forward to opening night next season!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nudists + Ford Thunderbird = Palm Springs Trivia

One of my favorite attractions to point out in Palm Springs is:

Click HERE for more info on the resort.

Note the blocked walkway? This is so the motorists can't see their naughty bits hanging out.

The nudists see us, we just can't see them.

The real reason I took the picture, was: did you see this Ford Thunderbird??

Trivia Moment: The Ford Thunderbird's name was taken from The Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage . (Paul R. Williams designed the Former home to Lucille Ball + Desi Arnaz at TCC amongst others) 

The Chairman of Ford had a home there, and in 1955 asked prominent citizen, influencer and investor Frank Bogert (who was soon to be Mayor in 1958) if it was okay. Bogert said yes, and for the use of the name, he was given a brand new Ford Thunderbird which was pretty snazzy at the time. 

Apparently Frank Bogert hated it. Said it was too small, and uncomfortable. 


On the flip side, I'm pretty impressed that I got nudists, architecture, Lucille Ball, Palm Springs History and vintage cars all in one post. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Oldsmobiles: Palm Springs Edition

My Dad and I won 2nd Place at The Oldsmobile Car Show in Ohio for the restoration of a
 1957 Olds
circa 1980-ish

That's me holding the award and needless to say, 
a love affair and hobby was born.

Since that day I have bought, restored, driven (and eventually sold) about 130 vintage vehicles. Of course, most were done here in Palm Springs which might very well be the classic car capital of the nation.

Thanks to my Father who taught me the ins and outs of classic cars as well as a great deal of respect for the craftsmanship of these beautiful vehicles.

Come Father's Day Weekend, Dad and I are heading out to Lansing, Michigan for the world's largest 
A dangerous place for anyone obsessed with Oldsmonbiles as I am! I can't wait!