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Mr Mod PS

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Living in Palm Springs: A Different Take on Mid-Century Homes

For those of you that may not know, I moved out of a 1200 sq foot Alexander Mid-Century home with a pool and into a 1988 Airstream Trailer which I renovated this past Summer/Fall.

I call my home The Silver Suitcase®

And, yes, my residence is in a Trailer Park.

Here's a taste of the before:
And here's a taste of the after:
I don't mess around. 

I always had a fascination with the trailers growing up, so I thought why not give it a whirl? I'll live in the trailer for at least one year to get the full experience.

I had loads of fun making the airstream over and reactions from people have been huge.
One of the phenomenas of having a unique home is when I send out an invite to have guests over, my RSVP "Yes" rate hovers around 98%.  

Having had so much fun, and receiving requests from clients and people from afar (Hi London!) I have embarked on doing a few more on my down days. 

So, meet the newest additions to my Silver Suitcase® Family:

Silver Suitcase® # 2: My Baby 1966 Safari
Design is all in the Details, people!
Nice spare tire in the foreground
And here she is, cleaned out and with a base coat of paint
Paint really is the miracle drug. 

 Silver Suitcase® # 3:
1949 Spartan Mansion
This is a big undertaking, but I can't wait.
Renovation is really all in the attitude!

And finally, my summer cottage:

Silver Suitcase® #4:
1960 Park Model
Look at those bones, would you??

I just started on Baby Safari, and with a lot of work and some luck, I am hoping to have all three done by August at the latest.

To keep up with the renovations on my Airstreams, follow my blog 365 Days in An Airstream.

Happy Travels, indeed. 

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