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Mr Mod PS

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Interrupting My Regular Scheduled Blogging:

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a "Welcome (To Palm Springs) Wagon Letter" to Leonardo DiCaprio. In the note, I listed some of my favorite old school places to dine, drink + overall have a Palm Springs specific grand old time.

One of the places I suggested which was not old school but embodies the Old School Palm Springs vibe, were Monday Nights at The Ace Hotel.

Every Monday Night for 4 years, Entertainer Extraordinaire Linda Gerard hosted Monday Night Sissy Bingo at The Ace Hotel.  Linda passed away last Friday here in Palm Springs.

Linda was the reason to drag yourself out on Monday Night - Linda was the reason that made the week all the better, you got to laugh with her, get serenaded by her, and possibly win a prize or two.
Linda was not your run of the mill Bingo caller. She was the hostess with the mostest and then some. 
We all loved Linda and were all touched by her infectious energy. We knew her physical health had taken a beating, and when I blogged about Sissy Bingo 2 weeks ago, I did so with the hopes that this was just a rough patch and she would be back at some point with her trademarked Linda Vengeance.
Just last year after she was diagnosed, she appeared at a screening of a documentary called Bingo Night, in which she was featured.
Linda belting out some of her favorite tunes - can be purchased here at The Ace Hotel online Shop

Linda wasn't just the hippest Bingo Caller this side of the Mississippi, she was a Hollywood Actress, A Broadway Performer (Understudy to the likes of Barbra Streisand!!) , Provincetown Cabaret Star, West Hollywood Nightclub owner, Bon Vivant, an Auntie Mame, and an all around Grande Dame.
Read Linda's New York Times Obituary here. 

The Ace Hotel Will be closed this Monday the 31st in honor of Linda - Their statement on Linda here

Donations can be made in honor of Linda to The Orphan Pet Oasis Shelter of Palm Springs.

RIP Linda + Thank You.

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