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Mr Mod PS

Monday, March 24, 2014

A 10 Second Hollywood History in Palm Springs: American Gigolo Version

American Gigolo was on the other night and lo and behold I had forgotten about this pivotal (and dark) scene that takes place in the Canyon Club area of Palm Springs

Richard Gere's character Julian Kaye drives to Palm Springs as a favor to service the client of a pimp/friend.
Here is the mid-century home as it appears in the film with the Julian Kaye character driving up in his Mercedes 450 SL.

And how it looks today:
The front has obviously been rearranged. A lawn was put in, as well as the driveway being moved to the left. The Canyon Country Club has some incredibly beautiful and tasteful homes and most were preserved to their original mid-century design. 
Now I'm a little obsessed to see the inside!

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