Mr Mod PS

Mr Mod PS

Friday, February 28, 2014

Modernism Week Wrap up Part 2: Brise Soleil? Did someone say Brise Soleil??

The Desert Sun did an 11-Part mini web series titled "Modern Love" on Mid-Century Architecture for Modernism Week, and asked me to participate. I ended up doing four of these really fun, stylish, super short 00:59 (!) second videos.

Here is one where I discuss Brise Soleil  (Broken Sun)  the "fragmented" walls that are an architectural detail, but also provide functionality.
Example of Brise Soleil

Me in mid-desciption. Glad my jacket + shirt work, but in this screen grab, it looks like I have a little black eye! 

Bravo to Marilyn Chung who did the videos - they're stylish, informative, short, to the point, have fun music, and I had a great time doing them! And a big thank you to Lyn Lieu for the great write up!

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