Mr Mod PS

Mr Mod PS

Friday, February 14, 2014

Top ***Five Reasons to buy in Palm Springs

Iconic Palm Springs Photo by Slim Arons 1970 at the Kaufman house designed by Neutra 

1.)    Why ask why when it’s 75 degrees in February? Anyone care for some Poolside cocktails? Tennis? World Class Golf? Don’t mind if we do.
2.)    Direct Flights to Palm Springs International Airport  (PSP) from NYC, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco to name a few. Did you know our airport is listed as one of the top 10 stress free airports in the world?  Wheels down, collect your bag with your swimsuit and you will be in the pool at your fab home in 15 minutes. BOOM.
3.)    Beautifully designed homes with architectural pedigree and a breathtaking mountain range as a backdrop.
4.)    Fabulous restaurants, bars and some serious entertainment that rivals Los Angeles + NYC. (Coachella, the McCallum or 4 star Gambling anyone?)
5.)    Weekly Stitch + Bitch cocktails at my fabulous AirStream home, the Silver Suitcase™ (See pics here) It's pretty marvelous, isn't it? 

***Notice we don't need 10 reasons?  Two would've been enough, but thought it was more fun to jazz it up.  

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