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Mr Mod PS

Monday, April 8, 2013

Palm Springs Real Estate Question: What Is Wind?

Invariably, when our looking at properties in Palm Springs, I get asked "What about the wind?"

I'm sure you've experienced wind before wherever you may reside, and wind here is no different.  No one dies of wind in Palm Springs.  Just keep in mind, that it's one of the few weather patterns that we get in the desert on a fairly regular basis.  Contrary to popular myth, even the South End of Palm Springs has extreme wind.  This photo was taken this morning in my backyard in Twin Palms, in the Southern end of Palm Springs.  The last three major windstorms have all come from the South, while at the North end (yes folks, even North of Vista Chino) was relatively windless (at first!).

The wind blew all my chairs over, flipped my glass top dining table over and broke it, and blew pillows all around the yard.  I hope we can rebuild without FIMA's help.

The simple fact is: we get wind.  We don't get snow; there's no ice storms;  there's no rain for weeks on end; there's no hail; no subzero temperatures, just wind.  Our airport doesn't close because of bad weather, you rarely have to reschedule picnics, there are no snow days at school, just wind.

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